(Translation in Italian to English made possible by myself)

The body is my voice

CAROLA INSOLERA worked as an aerialist in a circus. Today travels around the world for catwalks. To Grazia tells about her baby just born and his love. She does in sign language because Carola is deaf. 
by Ildo Damiano
photo by Diego Indraccolo 
‘I never separate myself from Delphine’ says Carola Insolera, Norwegian. Delphine is her daughter, has four months. I saw her feeding at Giorgio Armani catwalk and later holding on her hands at Versace show. ‘I am a mother that works like many others’ says in sign language. Because Carola, model, is deaf. Like her parents.
Have you always done the model?
No, I was an aerialist and contortionist in a circus, used to dress Pierrot mask. And before that, when I was 8 years old, I worked as a TV presenter for a Norwegian TV. I used sign language.
How did you jump to the fashion world?
I was often in a tournee. Once I gave a show to a Fashion Week in London. And got noticed. Then arrived the contact with the Women Management Milan.
Knowing Sign Language has helped you doing catwalks?
Yes, we, that do not have the voice, are masters with our body language and facial expression.
Are you happy?
‘Yes, I live between London and Paris for work, I travel a lot, am a world citizen. In Tokyo, two years ago, I met Emilio Insolera. He is a director. It was love. Last June we got Delphine and now we are all together all the time’



(Translation in Italian to English made possible by myself)

CAROLA INSOLERA, AN EXAMPLE OF OVERCOMING AND BEAUTY. Deaf since birth, became the model revelation.

I was born deaf from a deaf family, which makes my life much easier and accessible with a total communication between all of us. All this started when some photographers got interested in my look to later find out about my talent of expression next to the camera. Since then, I started this fascinating adventure.

Her history and philosophy of life are inspiring. Carola Insolera, deaf since birth became one of the revelations in the fashion industry since she stepped in the international panorama in 2011. At one step for Madrid to work with her Spanish agency, Happy Mondays, we had the opportunity to talk with her and know her history and philosophy of life. Her deafness does not affect her profession, but does exactly the opposite: the body language that estableces between the photographer and the model does not need words. It is humble and clear.
– Carola, you were born in Norway and at the moment, where do you live?
I travel a lot for work, in fact, I had been living in London for several years. Now, since a few month, I am in Berlin and am planning to go to Tokyo for a few months, will return to Europe and will be heading afterwards to New York.
– Did you have some struggle to communicate with other kids?
No, the deafness hadn’t affected me anything like you would imagine. The deaf community is fascinating and culturally very rich. Went to a deaf school and to a hearing school and from the social point of view, I had always felt comfortable in both worlds.
– At some moment of your life, did you feel hurt for the condition of being deaf?
The truth, I do not know another life or condition that has touched for me to live with, that way all I can say is that I enjoyed it at full as much as I could. I have always escaped from victimization because it does not bring me to anywhere.
– You are a clear example of personal overcoming. In what have you relied to become the woman of today?
(Laughs) I am myself the principal relying point. Of course I am around many marvelous people but without doubt, the self confidence is the key of this everything.

– Why are you dedicating your time in the fashion industry?

I don’t know why, all the roads always lead me to the fashion world. It is a path I cannot avoid. It is inevitable.
– The fashion world is already difficult for any woman and I don’t think you have had it easily, right?
First of everything, I want to make it clear that deafness had never been an obstacle for the development of my profession as a model – it instead my condition of visual communicator since birth had always benefited me to the point that I could expose my qualities of body and gestural expression.
– How did you start?
All it started when some photographers were interested in my “look” to later find out my talent of expression next to the camera. Soon after the voice ran out between professionals of the fashion industry and since then I have started this fascinating adventure.
– Are you in love, do you want to create your own family?
Yes, I am absolutely in love with Emilio Insolera, a film director that is also deaf and is from deaf family.
Text: Chelo Garcia Cortes
Photography Ales Leon
Assistant of photography Manu Cervantes
Stylist Abraham Gutierrez
Stylist assistant Aroa Sansano
Make up artist Pablo Robledo (Cool Productions)
Assistant to Make up artist Lorena Morales